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Maximum Privacy and Security with Blindeagle

Maximum Privacy and Security with Blindeagle

While surfing on the internet I found this company blindeagle, they made this apps and together with a small external unit allows you to communicate in a completely confidential way via instant chat and e-mails from all your devices.

What is blindeagle ?

Completely undecipherable, the system is based on the only unbreakable encryption algorithm known to this day.

Quantum keys, the encryption keys are personal for every customer and are generated by a TRNG using quantum physics.

Only your key, the authentication is using aphysical medium which will be delivered directly to your door under seal. So no registration is required and no long and complicated password to memorized.

Mainly based in Switzerland, the servers ensuring the relay of your encrypted discussions and e-mails are located in Switzerland,Belgium, Netherlands and Austria – where privacy concerns are the strongest.

A fail-proof communication system accessible to all.

  •    because you don’t (and never did) decide which private information about your personal life you want to make public on the Internet
  •    because current e-mail/messaging services are all fallible since they mostly rely on technologies which have shown their weaknesses in the past
  •    because WhatsApp belongs to Facebook
  •    because Telegram invented its own security system
  •    because Hangouts belongs to Google
  •    because Signal from Open Whisper Systems and ProtonMail don’t use fail-proof encryption systems


More information on their website: https://www.blindeagle.com

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