I chose to talk about this event as it was an interesting one for me, the first half of it would be about Branding, with Mairead Maher whom will take us through the rebrand of Newsweaver into Poppulo, and as I just had applied for a Marketing position with them it became very interesting and the second half would be with John Kilcullen from Verve, whom will takes us through the planning and execution of the Cork Jazz Festival campaign.

If somebody would have asked me what do I expect to take from this event, my answer would be that I would like to understand how companies or agencies are going about planning and actioning the initiatives in a specific campaign in this case a rebrand and an huge event planning.

The night started with some of the guys from #MscDMCIT class going early as we had a small stand promoting the Msc in Digital Marketing, by the time we finished the setup and the food arrived the hallway was full of students, teachers and other people interested in the event and/or studying at CIT.

Mairead Maher rebranding from Newsweaver to Poppulo

First to talk and share some experience was Mairead Maher from Poppulo, formerly known as Newsweaver which was a Email Marketing Tool. It was really interesting how they studied the market and competition and through innovation the became market leaders of a new niche Internal Communication. The amount of planning that went into the rebranding and bringing the employees into it was amazing.

An important step that got stuck into my mind was ‘Knowing your Audience’, it looks like no matter what you are trying to achieve with your product, service or even brand, knowing your audience is the stepping stone of any strategy. The next step that followed was ‘Having Clear Goals’, another important step in any strategy and whatever follows from now on are built on this 2 steps.

Overall the talk was really helpful and empowered my planning skills when it comes to creating digital marketing strategies and widen my view on the scope of use for the Strategy Framework.


John Kilcullen from Verve and Cork Jazz Festival

Moving on to the second speaker John Kilcullen from Verve in Dublin, they are responsible for the plan, designs and social media for Cork Jazz Festival. I was anxious to hear this talk as I wanted to get more insights on how the planning and delivery for a huge event would go.

I really loved how they used cartoonized venue buildings in their designs, on social media and outdoors. They took over Social Media accounts 3 months prior the event and started building content, schedules and competitions, with a paid strategy plan for Facebook and Instagram.

The branding was amazing, however it felt like the efforts on social media were not paying off as they should be, looking at the engagement was pretty low unless was a live video which would have been boosted organically by Facebook.

I noticed the lack of tagging people in picture which would have increased the reach and engagement organically and very few to none events were promoted through Facebook.

Overall I can definitely say that I have learned a lot from this talk, and if I would have to say in 2 words what value have I taken from this would be that ‘Details count’ especially on Social Media.


CIT are organizing a lot of talks like this and they really bring value to the courses available. If you would like to know more about my time in CIT studying Msc in Digital Marketing Strategy, let me know with a comment and I’ll be more than happy to tell you more about it.    

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