At the beginning of 2017, was just starting my second semester of Msc. in Digital Marketing Strategy at CIT in Cork and we had to choose an event to attend with the class. After couple of days of deliberating on what to attend we decided to choose DMX Dublin.

It was looking promising with 30 world-renowned speakers in a one day event, looked exactly what we needed. Having the list of speakers I was setting up the schedule of what to attend way ahead of time and in the same time getting excited of the value that I will get out of it.

Time flu away, 8th March arrived and I found myself driving to Dublin to meet with my colleagues. We went one day before in order to do some team building around Dublin, that meant going out to explore the pubs and some good places to eat.

After a late night in Dublin City the morning arrived and DMX started, excited we went through registration and once inside I started to check the schedule and the locations, some of the speakers that I wanted to see where overlapping with others so I had to choose wisely.

I chose to go for



Know Search, Know People

Intent lies at the heart of Search. Companies and brands need to rise to consumers’ sky-high expectations for personalization and relevance providing actionable information and connected experiences online and offline. In this session we will dive into what’s important for today’s marketers in order to reach and engage tomorrow’s consumers.



The Evolution of Video for Brands

Consumer behaviour is ever changing . Our interactions with the world around us, how we find solutions to our problems, how we curate more enriching experiences throughout the day are constantly evolving.



Deeper than Engagement

Views, likes, retweets, shares, comments; are all ways in which we engage online. This is measurable, this is the industry norm, but what if there’s something more valuable and meaningful that determines the success of capturing an audience? Steven Bartlett, CEO of Social Chain will discuss how going to a deeper level by making people ‘feel’ something is the real driving force behind engagement.



Each gives a 5-minute speech, about WHATEVER they want – you never know what’s next. The baying crowd decides the champ, who takes away The Winner’s Belt!!

Hosted by tech billionaire MC Danimal “The Beyonce Of Tech,” Dan Kirby along with The Tech-off famous Bakewell Boys. 650+ people attend the London events and it’s lowered the tone of Cannes Lions, Festival of Marketing and soon SXSW.



CopyCopyCopy – humanity’s greatest hack

We are obsessed by novelty and originality, yet hampered by our culture’s notions of creativity and innovation. As throughout human history, it turns out that today the best way to make something new, original and effective is to copy something that has solved a similar problem elsewhere.

I succeeded in attending all this talks and I must say the value was as I expected, got enough insights to get my thinking in Digital Marketing to the next level.

Sarah Jane Porter walked us through account optimisation on Google Search and tips & tricks on Google PPC. I must confess that I knew most of the stuff, however it was still empowering to hear that the techniques that I’m using are being recommended by Google experts.

Ross Mooney from YouTube served us a couple of slides with facts about the importance of video in Digital Marketing, why is important not to get left behind and presented some case studies to empower the fact presented earlier. We dived a bit a short part of the presentation in future plans for YouTube advertising and what are the pros and cons in comparison with Facebook Videos.

Steven Bartlett took us through his adventure of becoming a CEO on one of the most influential Social Media companies out there. A bit disappointed as it was the same talk that he had TED with very small changes. I really believe that at this level a speaker should find different topics to talk about, I would have been more happy with some case studies or anything that could help us understand more the advantage of using communities and micro communities to boost your reach and become viral.

The Tech-Off is a funny concept that looked like Eminem’s 8 Mile for Digital Marketing, now in regards to the ideas that came out of it, there isn’t much to say. First contender didn’t bring any value as he was speaking about his process of finding an Idea on what to talk, the second one to be honest I don’t remember so most probably not to much value and the third one he recited a list of application that he is using in day to day business as a Digital Marketer and at the end mentioned that if we want the list we should subscribe to a newsletter.

The last speaker that I had the opportunity to attend was Mark Earls, which talked to us mostly about his book Copy, Copy, Copy: How to Do Smarter Marketing by Using Other People’s Ideas. Amazing content in relation to the novelty of originality put in context with real life examples, it totally changed my view on “Inventions”. In Digital Marketing is really powerful to create original content, however the question is how original is our content. When we are creating content we change/add to an existing piece of content. Working a lot with Digital Marketing Strategies allowed me to have a certain freedom in creating engagement plans, however now looking back I have the feeling that I used a many bits of ideas and plans that worked well for other companies, combined them in one master plan / strategy and I call it mine.

Overall I consider that DMX Dublin gave me a good ROI and will definitely go again and I recommend to all Digital Marketers that want to get some fresh insights and ideas from well known speakers.

If you attended DMX Dublin 2017 as well, let me know what’s your opinion, what value did you took home and if you attended in previous years, again, share with us the value that you took home with you.

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