Working on my Personal Development plan as part of the Msc in Digital Marketing Strategy in CIT, having as tutor Z Aslam. I had to choose activities that will take me to the next level in my career. As I attended a number of conferences I put down as an action to become a Digital Marketing Specialist and a Public Speaker.

Z helped out with arranging a couple of talks at CIT for the Digital Marketing Cert students, the on-line Msc DMS class and for my class as well. This was a bit challenging as I had no idea what would I talk about. Tried to think of what to talk about based on my expertise and what would give any value to my listeners.

I decided to go for Google Data Studio as it was an app that I use everyday and it makes reporting easier to read and understand. First stop was speaking in front of my own class/colleagues, so I built a deck for it with around 10 clean slides, tried to make them more visual and just couple of lines of info to keep me on the right path.

First talk finished, It went quite well, I mean I had my short stops 🙂 and I noticed that I immediately identified what I need to change (tone, discussion type) based on class body language. I made use of some examples on how Google Data Studio helped me with my work and I did a small presentation at the end on how to build reports and some services that you could connect to.

I felt like I could improve the deck and the idea flow so until next talk, I started reviewing the information and idea flow in the deck.



Second Talk – Msc Digital Marketing Strategy On-line Class

Second talk was in front of the Msc Digital Marketing Strategy On-line students, which was a bit different as I couldn’t see anybody and they could see me. Although I did some changes to the deck, I felt like it went a bit worse than the first talk and I can attribute everything to the lack of visibility over my audience.


Third Talk – Digital Marketing Certificate Class

Last talk that i had in the Professional Development Module, was with the Digital Marketing Certificate class. Did some more changes to the slide deck took out some more text and made it more graphic. Like the first talk held in front of an audience, I felt like it was easy to follow the interest of the audience by reading the body language and I had a lot of follow up questions which led me to believe that there was value in Google Data Studio presentation.

One learning that I took was that because I took out a lot of text, I skipped the story behind me starting using Google Data Studio and how much it helped in my current position.

Overall I found it challenging, and I think if I’ll find the right subject I would be able to improve more, especially with more practice. As next steps in my development will be to attend more conferences and arrange more slots to talk in front of people.

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